Someone You’d Love

So I have had a lot of things going on around my house the past month or so and I really just need to write. I like the escape it provides and the calmness associated with it. So I thought I would post something I never thought I would share with others, something I wrote a long time ago about the loss of someone so close to me who seemed so far away for a long time. This may relate to something you feel now or have felt before and I just want to let you know that whoever it is that you are afraid of displeasing, it could never happen. They love you and they will always be with you to remind you of that. Enjoy.


They say when they look at me they see your face.

Looking into my eyes,

They can feel your grace.

I want to sink into these words

And let your love and grace surround me.

And become someone you’d be proud of

Let this take me where I am meant to be

I don’t remember the last time I saw  you laugh

Or what I said, when you understood

I can’t remember when I loved you most

Your memory inside my head

Still shows itself, once in a while

You lived and shared your faith

I know this must change

So I’ll go on to be

Someone you’d love


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