It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been over a year since I have written on my blog. What on earth could be so important that I can’t even put my thoughts on paper? Well let’s just see…I gained an almost sister-in-law and nephew and it has been the best time in my life. I have started attending a new church and in turn have begun a new walk in Christ through community. I have been working hard on my career and especially on building to be the best I can where I am because sometimes I fall short of that. Oh, and the neurological health issues have finally simmered out to where I can use my head to focus again.


So what am I doing with life right now? I am building an amazing relationship with my family and with my boyfriend. They all have been such rocks through all my health issues and the moodiness that comes with always being sick. My mom is especially great; she would do anything in this world for me if it meant that I wouldn’t have to endure this pain any longer, but I wouldn’t give her any more burdens than she already has. My nephew is just the cutest little 4 year old ever and every single day that I get to see him is the best day of my life. He loves Nascar like his aunt and he is super ready to be “big enough” to go to a race. (We are taking him this summer, shhh.) My dad is such a wonderful man to have in my life; he loves to spend time with my nephew and it warms my heart. He also would do anything it took to stop my problems from ever happening, but, again, I wouldn’t want that for his sake. My brother and his fiancé are 2 of the strongest people I know and even though they can drive me up a wall I do dread the day I no longer live in the same house as them. As for the boyfriend I mentioned, he is too amazing for words. I never thought one person could be so understanding of something they have never experienced but he surprises me every day. I thought I’d never date again, at least not until I could figure out my own health problems, but he makes it hard to want to be alone in all of that again. He listens, cares, and loves all of  me; he even loves me when I have an episode.

As for the new church and community that I am in right now, they are the absolute reason I can write this joyous post. I have never felt so connected to a church as I do The Bridge Church and a lot of the credit goes to my Community Group. Sadly, I will be aging out of this group very soon, however, I look forward to moving on into something more and into something with my boyfriend. I have been feeling a calling to lead within the church and I think I may have a few ideas of what that looks like, so I will be praying for guidance and wisdom in that journey.

I have rambled on long enough for this post. I do hope you enjoyed catching up on my life and I will be posting more soon. Count on it.


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