2016 took some lives, and saved some lives. It broke some hearts and mended some too. Most importantly of all, it taught us something. We may not know what to make of it just yet, but we will soon find closure from such things and grow. We will learn from it and we will make it out stronger.

Today was a rough day for some of the best people I’ve ever known. I could barely stand to look into their eyes because I can’t change the outcome. I want nothing more than for a daughters father to live and see her marry, a sons dad to shake his hand and be proud of his future family and a wife’s husband to sit with her and look upon their life with love, but that is being stolen from them all today. They are strong and they will make it out of this in peace however I just wish I could take this pain away.


This year has been a crazy time for so many people around me, which in turn affects me. I couldn’t imagine going through what a family is going through today. I pray each day that strength surrounds them and they can continue to live and love.


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