In the professional world, there will be many chances for young people to start their careers. In the medical world, there are many times you will meet someone in their training as a resident or fellow MD and you have to be prepared to let that person leave.

I am never quite ready when it is time to say goodbye to one of our residents or fellows because in the time they are rotating through your field, you get to know this person. You start to figure out the little things that make them tick, or the what their favorite hobbies are, it’s hard to become close to someone and in time just have to say goodbye and allow them to move on. I am always proud to watch them move on and move up through the system, but it is also hard to start over with new people and continue the process. You eventually learn who is there longer and who you should and should not actually become attached to.

I feel like in life we do the same thing with people. We allow people to get close to us or encourage others to open up to us, just to not see those people again or not often enough to have let your guard down. Life and relationships get hard and complicated, but I think it is worse in a short period of time, remember to stay. No matter what comes your way, fight for the person you want in your life to stay. Never let someone talk your guard down if they do not intend to stay and protect that piece of you.

I handle the residents making their way out into the world beyond my OR doors, however, I do not handle people making their way out of my life in weeks or days. Attachment can be good but can tear you apart as a person if you aren’t careful with yourself. Please do not tear someone else apart because you think it is going to be okay or that they can handle it because someone did it to you. Everyone deserves compassion. Everyone deserves love in some way. Show love and share life with people.



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