Putting Things Into Perspective

At some point in your life, you go through something that changes your view on life. Whether it is a personal experience or watching a loved one go through this situation, it makes you realize that there is so much more to an issue. The situation could be a small argument or a big health problem. You do not always realize how big or small something truly is until you’ve had time to think it through. 

This year, I found that some things seem larger than life only to find they are as small as a pebble. I’ve had some issues arise this year with my own health – only to stump the specialist with negative test results and still not improving. At the discovery of a problem, I monitored it myself. After so long, the symptoms worsening or just not improving, I went to a doctor for help in discovering what was actually wrong. I was so worried, scared, and about ready to give up. I thought there were no answers to be given; then, all of the sudden I came to the realization that this situation was far from the worst.

I was told I may need another scan of my head. Even with this news, I found peace in my hard time. I have a specialist who may be put off about my symptoms, however, he is confident that this is not a serious situation. My diagnosis is still up in the air, but we are far from thinking it could be anything major. I have a wonderful support system in  your family and small group of friends. I’m lucky, blessed – someone out there isn’t as lucky in their hard times.
(Written 06-2016)


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